Wittenberg – Pretzsch

I prefer manual power really.


Not as far as we wanted to go today, but no battery use to speak if because Jill’s controller has broken so we swapped because I am the consummate gentleman, and I am now riding a heavy bike with only my old legs, hopefully only to Dresden, about 100k up the river

We decided to stop at Pretzsch because I felt they could use some vowels, staying in a nice pension behind a bakery. Could be worse, it’s a pleasant wee town although when I went out to the supermarket for essential wine and cheese, a horse drawn cart full of tourists went by, thus placing the town in the Disney category.20180831-094119.gpx

Total distance: 46.02 km
Max elevation: 141 m
Min elevation: 90 m
Total climbing: 211 m
Total descent: -220 m
Average speed: 0.00 km/h
Download file: wittpret.gpx

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