Day 36 | Greymouth to Lake Kaniere

West Coast Wilderness Trail

Date: 28/2/24

An easy 20 km of flat riding through the dunes along the beach and a lovely forested section lead to a remarkably indifferent coffee at Kumara, then we set off on my favorite section of trail in the country.

The scenery changes constantly from reservoirs and canals full of reflections, to beautiful bush with glimpses of snowy peaks in the Alps, all on access roads or small very well-maintained single tracks. We paused at Kawhaka to remember Paul Sinclair, a true blue Coaster, who, four years ears ago, invited us to sit and have a yarn over billy tea in his little lean-to shack. He passed away not long afterwards, and we felt a bit sad that after all his work in creating his “Trapper’s Rest”, it is now just a few scraps of rubble, although his corrugated iron chimney is still standing – I hope forever. We have a photo of that day in the album.

The dozens of switchbacks below the infamous Cowboy Paradise were as much fun as always, and the Arahura Valley in full sun was a treat on our way to stay with Jill’s rellies at Lake Kaniere – a place so beautiful and special we never tell anyone about it.

We’ll wait out some weather, maintain the bikes and relax for a few days here while planning the rest of our tour. From here on we expect to be mowed down by some (in fact probably all) of the Tour Aotearoa brevit that has begun to catch up with us – about 200 young, fit, fast riders all heading for Bluff at about twice our speed.

Supplies: Greymouth has everything you could need.

These videos are best viewed on a computer screen. Turning your phone sideways helps.

Total distance: 70.33 km
Max elevation: 332 m
Min elevation: 2 m
Total climbing: 934 m
Total descent: -793 m
Total time: 06:51:01
Download file: day36.gpx

Battery use: 74% | 465Wh


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