Day 45 | Cromwell to Alexandra

The Dunstan Trail

Date: 12 March 2024
Grade 2,3

After a brief pilgrimage to Cromwell’s industrial area to pick up a couple of Sanga’s Pies, at Bannockburn we rejoined the Dunstan Trail, which we did last year in brilliant sunshine. Today it was lightly overcast so we didn’t linger, although it would be a crime not to stop frequently to appreciate the raw, brutal, and beautiful landscape close up. It’s certainly popular – there were about 15 bikes parked at Carrick Vineyard when we stopped for an excellent coffee with the best view ever, and Sounds2Sounds riders were going the other way on their seriously impressive ride.

It’s a great trail with a good surface – mostly grade 2 with just enough grade 3 (narrow blind corners around bluffs with nasty drops on the outside) to give a real sense of adventure. SH8, just across the water, was very busy, ha ha.

At Cold Stew Flat we just had to stop and eat our now cool Holy Smoke (steak and smoked cheese) pies and the judges decision is final. Sangas and Clocktower Cafe are equal first in all New Zealand and in a league of their own – we’ve tried them all.

We’re having a last couple of lay-days at Mark and Libby’s beautiful house near Alexandra, with fab views of the starkly clear but distant ranges (stop me if I’m going on too much about the light down here).

Supplies: No problems. Cromwell, Clyde and Alexander have everything.

These videos are best viewed on a computer screen. Turning your phone sideways helps.

Total distance: 52.2 km
Max elevation: 332 m
Min elevation: 147 m
Total climbing: 916 m
Total descent: -900 m
Total time: 05:16:21
Download file: day45.gpx

Battery use: 71% | 445Wh


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