Day 43 – Makarora to Hawea

Hello Otago

Date: 10 March 2024

An easy day today – only 50 km to Hawea, and, to paraphrase the late great John Clarke, with a stiff nor’wester up our date.

Makarora marks a sudden and dramatic change from the West Coast to Otago, where bush-clad valleys give way to clear, high, craggy mountains and lakes are done differently.  Instead of being cosily surrounded by bush, they are opened up to the sky and framed by wide pastures and high ranges. This road follows two of the best.

It’s a bit discombobulating to bike along with the lovely Lake Wanaka on your right for 20 km and then, half a km over ‘The Neck’, you bike another 20 km in the same direction with even lovelier Lake Hawea on your left. It’s a stunning introduction to Otago and is a hint of what is to come.

The Camp – Hawea is right on the lake edge, and one of us had a (very short) swim. The camp is making an effort to be a destination, with a food cart and live music some nights, and luxury glamping options. Our cheap and nicely styled (on the outside) cabin is fine for us though, and we ate our pizza there with the muted music drifting over to us from a decent distance.

Supplies: Hawea Store

Accommodation: The Camp – Hawea

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Total distance: 48.62 km
Max elevation: 451 m
Min elevation: 285 m
Total climbing: 720 m
Total descent: -682 m
Total time: 03:09:18
Download file: day43.gpx

Battery use: 48% | 310Wh


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