Pretzsch – Torgau

But we took a train to Dresden

40k to Torgau this morning in very flat and not-very-interesting countryside, and the nearest place to get a new controller is Dresden so we decided to skip the 2 day cycle and take a train to Leipzig, then to Dresden. We didn’t feel shortchanged by missing the “well-preserved” Renaissance town of Torgau, and have settled in for a German Sunday in Dresden (ie closed), and it’s not like you can actually see the Elbe River from the trail anyway. Apparently between here and Prague it gets quite interesting, so as soon as I get the bike sorted we will see if that’s the case.

No battery use to report.

Total distance: 40.83 km
Max elevation: 171 m
Min elevation: 106 m
Total climbing: 224 m
Total descent: -173 m
Average speed: 18.75 km/h
Total time: 03:53:18
Download file: 20180901-085950.gpx

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