Day 34 | Maruia to Reefton

And still one more pass

Date: 26 Feb 2024

This time, the Rahu Saddle between Springs Junction and Reefton. Every time I’ve driven this road it has just been a windy, climby, slightly attractive way to get to Reefton, but at bike-speed it’s a lovely ride, with light, courteous traffic, through beech forest with a river beside you – the Rahu on the way up; the Inangahua going down – and a glorious, almost continuous 25 km downhill run and through the gorge to Reefton – another small town I like being in.

It was nice to be tooted at and waved to by what seemed like most of the of the 900 motorhomes that that been at the national rally in Reefton over the weekend – thankfully coming towards us. These much-anticpated events are well publicized, making them easy to avoid.

Don’t miss the Great Sequoia opposite the Nurses’ Home where we are staying.

And from Maruia, take the lovely, empty gravelled West Bank Road along the valley to Springs Junction – although the traffic on SH65 on a Monday was a helluva lot less scary than the Sunday mob, who were, no doubt, all speeding to church.

Supplies: GAS station at Springs Junction has a basic cafe. Reefton has everything you need.

Accommodation: Nurses’ Home

These videos are best viewed on a computer screen. Turning your phone sideways helps.

Total distance: 66.39 km
Max elevation: 700 m
Min elevation: 193 m
Total climbing: 659 m
Total descent: -817 m
Total time: 05:04:38
Download file: day34.gpx

Battery use: 72% | 450Wh I wasn’t really trying to save power today, just felt like an easy day. Isn’t that why we spend a fortune on these battery powered toys?


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