Berlitz – Wittenberg

Record day

Took a train to Beelitz for a head start, to give us about a 60k ride. With a bit of spontaneous navigation we extended that to 84k, but what a ride!

Beelitz has a famous derelict sanatorium which took a while to find, explore and get thrown out of. Whatever we found was private property.

Then it started with a few ks of proper cycle path, side by side on separated tar seal, hoping that this was what it would be all the way, but it soon became a mix of quiet roads and trails, all very scenic passing through impeccably tidy villages and forests. At about the mid point at Treuengfdthovsthhff we were on a scary main road for a while, but aunty Google found us some back roads which turned out to be rough, sandy, isolated forest trscks for about 20k of solitary fun, justifying all the hassle of bringing our FS MTBs. Bit of rain, bit colder than we like but bitte.

I was very sparing with power until the hills towards the end and used 75- 80%, Jill just leaves her on 4 all day and used 95%.

Total distance: 83.63 km
Max elevation: 197 m
Min elevation: 85 m
Total climbing: 421 m
Total descent: -408 m
Average speed: 19.12 km/h
Total time: 06:31:47
Download file: 20180830-120638.gpx

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