Day 33 | Murchison to Maruia

Another day, another pass

Date: 25 Feb 2024

Comments by Jill today
Well the weather gods are still on our side. Some rain last night, with an impressive thunderstorm that shook our wee cabin, but this morning it was fine again. Bought our Tutaki pies for lunch then had a lovely ride up the Matakitaki Valley, past what is thought to be the first electric power station in NZ, and across the river at an impressive gorge to the site of the original Matakitaki township, 30 km south of Murchison. What a godforsaken spot that would have been in winter. From there, the road became Steve’s favourite for a bit  – smooth gravel with a grass strip in the middle. We ate the pies, transferring their weight from the bikes to us, then set off up and over the saddle. It’s an easy 4WD gravel road, 7km up and 3 down, and comes out on to SH 65 about 35 km north of Springs Junction. The six fords were all shallow, despite a bit of rain last night.

Lovely beech forest all the way – similar to the Braeburn saddle we did yesterday, but a bit longer.
Relative luxury tonight – we have a proper motel room at the Maruia motel and fishing lodge. Guests can use the school swimming pool right next door, so I did, and being Sunday, had it all to myself.

Supplies: Buy in Murchison. The Maruia Motel can supply excellent home-cooked meals with 24 hours notice.

Accommodation: Maruia Motels

These videos are best viewed on a computer screen. Turning your phone sideways helps.

Total distance: 61.6 km
Max elevation: 582 m
Min elevation: 168 m
Total climbing: 970 m
Total descent: -801 m
Total time: 05:20:24
Download file: day33.gpx

Battery use: 77% | 480Wh. Only used about 25% for the first 35km, and that only because I was feeling lazy. The pass took a lot and then I left it on eMTB for the 17km of SH65, mostly narrow and small to non-existent shoulders because I’m nervous in traffic. Can’t get used to it.


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