Tabor to Cesty Krumlow

Tabor to Trebon 12/09

50% battery use, mostly roads, not much off-piste, and fairly uppy Downy although nothing too serious.

Total distance: 70.45 km
Max elevation: 567 m
Min elevation: 445 m
Total climbing: 455 m
Total descent: -481 m
Total time: 06:20:11
Download file: 20180912-091312.gpx

Trebon to Cesty Krumlow 13/09

50% battery use again, similar riding to yesterday. I didn’t record the first 16k so 60k all up

Total distance: 43.8 km
Max elevation: 645 m
Min elevation: 304 m
Total climbing: 755 m
Total descent: -783 m
Total time: 03:51:42
Download file: 20180913-110323.gpx

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