Lesany to Tabor

To Tabor 11/09

75k, but 90% battery use due to a lot of climbing

Typically lovely Czeck country all day, and the help of the mapy.cz app we found ourselves on off-piste and even off-off-piste tracks which demanded mtbs. Mapy provides excellent routes for mtbs by default, so we’ve been getting off the roads far more than we could have done without it. We missed one and did a big loop around a forest because it was just an overgrown shadow down a steepish hill – awesome stuff.

Tabor is pretty and worth an hour or two if you haven’t seen enough we’ll restored medieval towns for a while, but I really enjoyed passing through the regular tiny towns a villages on the way here. I feel like we’re seeing Czechia, more than the tidied up and sanatisef Disney version the tourists get in the main towns. We’ll skip Cesky Budweiser tomorrow for that very reason.

Total distance: 74894 m
Max elevation: 657 m
Min elevation: 365 m
Total climbing: 853 m
Total descent: -733 m
Total time: 06:26:13
Download file: 20180911-093005.gpx

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