Just looking around

 Searching for a Bulls ebike agent, but no luck anywhere so we did a bit of sightseeing and decided we would bike slowly to Prague where Eva at Bike Time assures me they have what I need. Bloody better because if they don’t I’ll be looking at taking a train back to Berlin. For some reason bike time is closed this week. Wtf?

Anyway, big warning to future Bulls e-bike tourists – Dresden is s Bulls e-bike desert.

Did this lose we something in the translation?
Total distance: 22.97 km
Max elevation: 183 m
Min elevation: 165 m
Total climbing: 115 m
Total descent: -128 m
Average speed: 17.56 km/h
Total time: 01:52:18
Download file: 20180903-084103.gpx
Total distance: 17.07 km
Max elevation: 190 m
Min elevation: 147 m
Total climbing: 180 m
Total descent: -184 m
Average speed: 8.01 km/h
Total time: 04:58:34
Download file: 20180903-122126.gpx

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