Dresden to the border

Schmilka – cutest town so far

Had a wee glimmer of powered flight this morning when it worked for a couple of minutes, but not a sausage since then. Just as well I am an athlete, and that we’re following a river, because I had to pedal all 55k today. Jill had attempted to book a place at Bad Schandau but managed instead to find Schmilka, right on the border instead, and what a win! Cute, small, not Disneyfied at all as opposed to Bad thingie, and they just made us a braised beef with dumplings and sauerkraut which made me very happy indeed. The b&b has a fridge full of cold local pilsener and a view of the river if you score the top bedroom up the non-OSH compliant steep stairs, bewaring of low ceilings.

The biking is infinitely better south of Dresden, right beside the river, sclosses all over the place and just very pretty indeed, and we can’t imagine what anyone would bother going north from there. The temperatures are mid 20s, there’s enough smog (sorry, soft European have) to prevent sunburn, and we only climbed a total of 100m all day.

Now all I need is that controller.

Total distance: 56.42 km
Max elevation: 280 m
Min elevation: 150 m
Total climbing: 315 m
Total descent: -407 m
Average speed: 18.94 km/h
Total time: 05:59:09
Download file: 20180904-084339.gpx

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