Around Auckland

We thought we would take a look at the new Mangere Bridge, which is kind of cool with all the fixed rod holders already in place, although no bait stations, all of them being used and a very happy place it was too.

A pie from the award winning Penny Lanes up the road, carrying on up to the Southdown end of the harbour and having a great diversion chasing down a runaway dog that could do 32km/hr at least for quite a long time, taking as near as we could to the old portage route across to Panmure Basin, then along the Rotary Path to Half Moon Bay. The ferry was cancelled so they crammed us and our bikes into vans back to the city which was a bit of an adventure, and it had happened overseas we would be telling tales about it forever.

70km of city biking as good as anything anywhere in the world. Home for an outdoor bath, a lovely curry and bed.

Here’s the next experiment with Relive.

70km, 87% used – 12% Eco, 76% Tour, 12% EMTB (because I turned it on to help with a poor gear selection on a long hill, then forgot to turn it down again) EMTB mode really pushes you along!

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