Taupo Great Lakes Trail W2K 16 April 2021

Day 2 – Great Lakes Trail

Second day at Kinloch and we decided to do the top section, the W2K along with the headland loop. Rain the night before meant the uphill first section was a bit slippery, but when we tried to go down to Whakaipo Bay we met someone who had just come up who told us the track was “a bit slippery back there”. Understatement! It got worse and worse and we gave up when we couldn’t even stand up to push the bikes.

The Headland Loop was great fun, obviously designed and built by the same team, nice challenging grade 3 all the way. We’ll go back and repeat this trail when they are dry, but even slightly damp and muddy they are brilliant.

Total distance: 25.72 km
Max elevation: 663 m
Min elevation: 392 m
Total climbing: 501 m
Total descent: -514 m
Total time: 03:45:02
Download file: Taupo W2K 16.04.2021.gpx

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