Day 7 | Oakura to Tutukaka

Originally to Whananaki but …

Date: 14 Dec 2023

Originally I had a plan that took a shortcut between Helena Bay and Whananaki, and then via the Sandy Bay Track down towards Tutukaka, but when the Alaskan cyclists we met a few days ago told us they had lifted their bikes over the five tall gates on this track, and the shortcut has been closed off, so we re-thought our options while biking slowly along a tiny back road. I love having intercom helmets.

If we had gone down to Whananaki we would have to retrace our steps in the morning, when at this point with only a small deviation we could carry on south and get to the Tutukaka coast for the night. So we did and we got Matapouri and sat on the beach for ages because it’s possibly the most beautiful beach in the world, then over the hill to Tutukaka and the very friendly motorcamp. There’s a store and restaurants right across the road, but we cooked our usual Euro sauce meal like almost every night when we’re travelling.

Supplies : Tutukaka store

Accommodation: Tutukaka Motor Camp

These videos are best viewed on a computer screen. Turning your phone sideways helps

Total distance: 61.27 km
Max elevation: 254 m
Min elevation: -1 m
Total climbing: 1230 m
Total descent: -1240 m
Total time: 06:56:10
Download file: OakuraToTutukaka.gpx

Battery use: 83% | 520Wh


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