Day 12 | Auckland to Miranda

The Hunua Traverse

Date: 30 Jan 2024
Grade: 2, 3

After a 6 week rest to avoid the school holidays we may have overestimated our fitness as this day proved rather tough and longer than estimated, and we’ve learned how to recharge on the go.

We got up early (for us) to catch the 8:30 ferry to town and then the nine o’clock ferry to Pine Harbour, all free thanks to Winston. Lovely 25 km ride around the Maraetai coast to Clevedon with a swim on the way, and we topped up our batteries while eating a delicious mince chilli and cheese pie at With Relish

Then it’s the Hunua Traverse, recently opened and an excellent car-free way to get to Miranda. However this comes at a price – very very big hills! I’m not alone here – everyone who has reviewed the HT has humble-bragged about the climbs which sucked up our batteries something terrible. By the time we had enjoyed the beautiful ride, and it is a very beautiful ride, we got to Kaiaua with not quite enough left to battle the headwind up to Miranda camp. Happily though we were booked into the Kaiaua Hotel for dinner with friends Anne and David from Thames, so we turned left instead of right, plugged in and had a beer while waiting for them to arrive.

With both the bikes and us fully topped up we gently cruised along in the twilight to a very welcome hot swim and collapsed after 87 km.

A very good re-entry into our favourite way of travelling. Except when we’re motorhoming, or biking and motorhoming.

Supplies: Kaiaua Pink Store, or Clevedon

Accommodation: Miranda Camp

These videos are best viewed on a computer screen. Turning your phone sideways helps.

Total distance: 110.94 km
Max elevation: 458 m
Min elevation: -1 m
Total climbing: 1661 m
Total descent: -1671 m
Total time: 12:54:17
Download file: day12.gpx

Battery use: 125% | 790Wh


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