A day in Berlin

Berlin on a Sunday

I don’t know about these countries that base their lives around a recent interpretation of the rules of a religion that is so patently obviously fake. Shops shut on Sunday?

Nice ride around the Tiergarten this morning that I neglected to record, then out to meet up with Jack for lunch, back to pick up the still-batteryless bikes, over to the humongous Templehoff airfield and around the side roads and canals of Kruzberg. Out for a Russian dinner soon.

Berlin’s beginning to be a bit more acceptable, but it will never be a favourite.

Total distance: 18.84 km
Max elevation: 102 m
Min elevation: 80 m
Total climbing: 36 m
Total descent: -54 m
Average speed: 14.65 km/h
Total time: 02:52:54
Download file: 20180826-152830.gpx

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