Battery shipping costs

Unexpected high cost

One of the unexpected costs of ebike touring smacked us when we arrived in Berlin. Our batteries had been sent to us from the factory somewhere within Germany, but because they are rated as hazardous goods we were charged €400 freight! Next time we’ll take a train and pick them up ourselves.

We’re low cost travellers rather than budget, but we’ll have to watch our b&b costs to balance that one. Never mind, my knees will thank me.

Update: They Ballsed up and reduced the freight to €15. Big smiles in Berlin.

However, the batteries seem to have been flashed with the wrong software and our bikes won’t turn on. One more night in Berlin now.

One thought on “Battery shipping costs

  1. One more night in Berlin and the world’s your oyster
    The bars are temples but the battries ain’t free
    You’ll find a flash BnB in every golden cloister
    And if you’re lucky then the software’s free…

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