Wellington – Pencarrow Lighthouse

Choose a perfect Wellington day, no wind, no clouds, warm, in fact a typical day in the capital. Get yourself to Eastbourne, drive as far as you can and chuck your bikes over the gate, the bike as far as you can. Apparently its possible, with landowners permission, to bike all the way to the Wairarapa but that was out of reach for a late afternoon bit of exercise while our hosts cooked dinner for us so we opted for taking the coastal route and returned via the old lighthouse track. Walk down the steep, very narrow Wellington side please.


One of the best things you can do in Wellington, and it makes you forget that it’s the home of all those politicians, bureaucrats and other vermin.



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Total distance: 31.92 km
Max elevation: 56 m
Min elevation: -29 m
Total climbing: 819 m
Total descent: -801 m
Average speed: 21.07 km/h
Total time: 02:24:33
Download file: Wellington_2_Jan_2018.gpx

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