Salzburg to Passau


We took the train to Salzburg to avoid the rain, and sure enough it stopped and we arrived to clear skies and slightly fewer tourists than we expected. A lot of locals wearing dirndl and lederhosen for St Rupert’s day but luckily we missed their mini Octoberfest by not visiting the old Town on the Sunday.


There’s Sound of Music tours all over the place, it’s a much bigger thing than Mozart et al, but the nearest we got to one was a bike tour that arrived in full voice while we were looking at the trapp family house from across the lake20180923_163359

while using the location map to guide us around. Bloody ear worms all day.


Thought we should take in some Culture so walked into the Mirabelle palaceto a Mozart concert in the marble room, 20180923_193323magnificent place where the big M played, but the music was all hibrow stuff by other composers so be we had an expensive and pleasant doze and walked home in the rain, finding out that my replacement rain coat is not up to Groundeffect’s standard by a good margin.


More SoM sights the next day and a walk up the hill to the castle, big views over the city and a Very Good museum and now we’ve seen castles. They’re a bit of a cliche around these parts.

Biking back to Passau

97k to Branau, 90% battery use, possibly because it’s quite a bit colder, max 9°C. It’s a 600m drop with a few uphills alongside the Salzach and Inn river

Total distance: 97.14 km
Max elevation: 552 m
Min elevation: 395 m
Total climbing: 591 m
Total descent: -682 m
Total time: 09:06:32
Download file: 20180925-084241.gpx

Branau to Passau


70k 70% battery. Lots of gravel and we both used higher power on the last 20k because why not.

The best part of the Taueradweb – scenic, varied, a chapel 75 steps down a cliff with a sacred spring that hasn’t cured me yet, and a few hills for exercise.

Total distance: 70.23 km
Max elevation: 413 m
Min elevation: 350 m
Total climbing: 293 m
Total descent: -350 m
Total time: 06:07:21
Download file: 20180926-100831.gpx

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