Round the harbour

10 Feb 2019

Decided to get some knives sharpened, so took them to Hobsonville Markets where the nice friendly guy did quite a good job. We carried on around to PtChev to visit a friend, then on to Susie and Steve’s to inspect the deck repairs. 


67km, battery use : about 60% used, used 2 mostly, sometimes 3, never 4, never used granny front cog

Total distance: 66843 m
Max elevation: 147 m
Min elevation: 38 m
Total climbing: 573 m
Total descent: -595 m
Download file: 23.gpx


28 Feb, 2019

Another, on my own this time. SOme battery used before I started so it’s hard to say how much used this time.

Total distance: 54499 m
Max elevation: 143 m
Min elevation: 29 m
Total climbing: 500 m
Total descent: -507 m
Download file: 25.gpx

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