Lake Kaniere

Lake Kaniere

Around the Lake

Date: 4 Feb 23
Grade: 2

Staying at the lake for a few days gave us a good excuse to ride up and down the excellent Kaniere Water Race Walkway a few times. I’ve long wanted to bike around Lake Kaniere, and now I have, but a lot of it was long and straight and now I appreciate the size of the Hokitika Plains, so it’s a oncer for me.

The water race and the ride down the Lake past Dorothy Falls are worth repeating every time though.

Total distance: 53.93 km
Max elevation: 182 m
Min elevation: 10 m
Total climbing: 603 m
Total descent: -598 m
Total time: 03:27:30
Download file: Around Kaniere.gpx

Into town

Date: 7 Feb 23
Grade: 2

Shopping trip, all the way into town to get some waterproof masking tape to temporarily stop the worst of the leaking coming through the seals, which I will replace as soon as get a fine day and a ladder. Also, and mainly, an excuse to ride the water race trail again

Total distance: 46.41 km
Max elevation: 159 m
Min elevation: 1 m
Total climbing: 629 m
Total descent: -633 m
Total time: 02:48:10
Download file: Kaniere-Hokita Normal.gpx

Into town via the radar station

Date: 8 Feb 23
Grade: 3

I thought I had found a different road into town, but the local cuzzie put me straight. “She’s short and bloody steep but the view’s worth it”.

He was right but he might have gone up in a big 4wd – 300m in 3km counts as steepish even with an ebike. I didn’t use turbo though, never do.

Metservice access it from another equally steep road to look after the radar station up there, and if you do it the way we did you won’t see the “Private Road” sign until you’re looking back at the locked gate you biked around at the entrance to the pistol shooting club.

Total distance: 49.27 km
Max elevation: 340 m
Min elevation: 2 m
Total climbing: 997 m
Total descent: -997 m
Total time: 05:09:56
Download file: Kaniere-Hoki Radar.gpx

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