Route Planner

Berlin – Prague – Vienna – Saint-Nazaire

Arriving in and leaving from Amsterdam, we’re going to take the train to Berlin to visit relatives, then bike down to Wittenberg to follow the Elbe River to Prague, across Czechia to Vienna on the Greenway route, and then follow the EV6 to Passau, hang a left to get a Mozart fix in Salzburg, then getting back to the EV6 via a train to visit Rex and Moni in Munich. Peut-etre to any of these plans because who wants to plan ahead too far. Before we start off we’ll have the first week sorted, but after that who knows. If it gets too chilly we’ll head south to Portugal or Sicily, or if it’s a warmish autumn we’ll check out Brittany and bike back to Amsterdam


We’ll be staying in AirBnBs or similar, booking a few days in advance, so if anyone wants to join in for some of it we can easily expand our plans to fit you in.