Down to Prague

Racice to Prague

GPS recording stopped 29k from the end, so 80k today. 85-90% battery use and we’re in Prague for the weekend.


Which proved to be intensely packed with us tourists. Note to self: avoid tourist spots in weekends. Or even completely. Prague is indeed beautiful but we’re citied out and we will be skipping Vienna, making a direct path for the EV6 at Linz over the next few days. Hopefully with a new controller on Monday morning.




Total distance: 54.43 km
Max elevation: 239 m
Min elevation: 163 m
Total climbing: 356 m
Total descent: -363 m
Average speed: 19.45 km/h
Total time: 04:25:07
Download file: 20180907-082241.gpx

Sorry about all the sideways images. I’ll have to wait until I have a computer to rotate them.

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