Day 2 | Te Kao to Hukatere

A short day to catch up with the Plan

Date: 9 Dec 2023

A leisurely start after yesterday’s effort riding SH1 for a while – very well behaved traffic – picking up supplies at Houhora before heading towards 90 mile beach and Gabi’s fabulous Hukatere Camp, complete with wild horses and a great view over the dunes to the coast.

Gabi used to keep horses herself but the wild herd has trampled her fences and the mares ran off with them, the tarts. There were two stallions battling to become the boss right in front of us. Every other cyclist and walker were staying there as well, including Tom and Lukas and Mandy and their baby Karl in a trailer, which made the kitchen a friendly place, and John and Bianca from Kerikeri invited us over to their caravan to help them drink some of the Pinot Gris they produce at their Magnolia Vineyards, and very nice it was too, with the sun setting over the dunes and the grazing horses.

There’s no store here or supplies of any kind or even mains power, and Gabi very kindly for a small fee took our batteries to a nearby friend who has a garage with power. She will get in supplies for you too with advance warning.

Supplies: Houhora – 4 Square(?) and Liquor store. OK if you’re coming down the road like we did, but not so convenient if you came down the beach. It’s about 13km from the camp.

Accommodation: Hukatere Lodge and Camping – Gabi

These videos are best viewed on a computer screen. Turning your phone sideways helps

Total distance: 39.74 km
Max elevation: 57 m
Min elevation: 5 m
Total climbing: 434 m
Total descent: -426 m
Total time: 03:34:48
Download file: etaDay2.gpx

Battery: Used 40% | 250Wh


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