Day 18 | Pureora to Piropiro

Timber Trail Day 1

Date: 5 Feb 2024
Grade: 2, 3

We woke to a clagged-in and slightly chilly day, pulled on the staunch cold weather gear and set off up the first, actually the only, big hill.

The Timber Trail is mostly grade 2, rated 3 probably because there is no cell reception, and the second half is 42 km with no road access at all. As we climbed higher the fog cleared and with not a cloud in sight we stripped back to our summer gear.

The bush is untouched since the last Taupo eruption 1800 years ago and we dawdled along, stunned by the “goblin forest” and diverted by the bird song – in particular, a chorus of loud screeching.  Eventually, to our delight, we spotted a perp. high in the canopy – longtailed cuckoo.  We’d never seen one before.

The Timber Trail Lodge internet password is ‘besocial’ and they do it well. With only cyclists there, we were guaranteed good company anyway, and we were seated for dinner at a table of chatty strangers and made new friends. Good grub too.

These videos are best viewed on a computer screen. Turning your phone sideways 

Total distance: 38.4 km
Max elevation: 992 m
Min elevation: 447 m
Total climbing: 919 m
Total descent: -1006 m
Total time: 05:04:56
Download file: day18.gpx

Battery use: 60% | 425Wh


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