Northern Czechia

From the border to Usti nab Labem

45k and fairly nice. Very industrial as we got near to usti nab laden.  Excellent Airbnb for $nz49 and we cooked our first home made dinner, washed down in my case with free beer from our host, Petr, and in Jill’s case a glass or two of a bottle of 2009 Pegasus Chardonnay for $6 at the supermarket. Lunch was a beer, juice and a shared schnitzel, chips and salad, all for $10nz. Like the prices, hope there’s less industrial scenery tomorrow.
The GPS logger stopped at 28k but we actually rode 45.

Total distance: 29.61 km
Max elevation: 194 m
Min elevation: 116 m
Total climbing: 236 m
Total descent: -164 m
Average speed: 19.48 km/h
Total time: 03:02:13


I detached the controller from the handlebar, scientifically tapped it on the bar, andd bugger me it worked! Most of the time anyway, but more than enough to keep me cruising along effortlessly.

Used about 50% with 57k, little bit uppy-downy but no major hills, and most of the time I had it on 3 or by 4 because if I touched it it stopped working. My ebike grin is back.

Total distance: 59.17 km
Max elevation: 229 m
Min elevation: 190 m
Total climbing: 183 m
Total descent: -182 m
Average speed: 17.28 km/h
Total time: 06:10:25



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