Range anxiety

A year ago I wrote about my concern that I had just done 60k on the Waikato trail and had only 2 bars left. That was a hard ride, with 2194m total climbing, but it still gave me the confidence to plan a ride around Europe where I could average 60 – 80k per day.  Now that doesn’t seem so certain because I’m having trouble getting 50k in a day. 

Jill has an identical bike and gets 80k. When we first got them we went out for about 75K and had two bars left, and we’ve always noticed that Jill gets further than I do which you would expect when she’s a sylph and I’m a 90K monster.  I’ve swapped the batteries over and the story is still the same, so either

  1. My riding style &/or weight makes an appreciable difference
  2. Neither of our batteries are lasting very well

I can test option 1 by taking her bike for the same ride, and option 2 by getting a new battery to do the same or similar ride.

I like my bike a lot, and I’ve tweaked it to fit me as much as I like, and the only thing I don’t like is this 50k limit. I need 80k at least to feel OK about taking it to Europe.

I ride with the minimum assistance always, while Jill just leaves hers on full power, and I’m also going to experiment with tyre pressures.

Long Bay

First run with full packs – 6-7kg. Battery: 1 bar 

Total distance: 51.43 km
Max elevation: 92 m
Min elevation: 2 m
Total climbing: 551 m
Total descent: -557 m
Average speed: 21.37 km/h
Total Time: 03:13:06

Improve drivetrain

After new derailleur sprockets. Battery: 1 bar

Total distance: 51.98 km
Max elevation: 109 m
Min elevation: 2 m
Total climbing: 537 m
Total descent: -556 m
Average speed: 21.79 km/h
Total Time: 02:57:53

Next test will be without luggage to see how much the load contributes.

Lightened up and harder tyres

Removed 4kg of framebag (1.5) cradle(.4) and lock (1.5) and luggage (est 5kg), pumped up tyres to 2.2/2.4.

50km , 2 bars left but it had been on 2 for the last 15k so I think I might get another 15km out of it

Total distance: 51.6 km
Max elevation: 104 m
Min elevation: 2 m
Total climbing: 481 m
Total descent: -489 m
Average speed: 19.30 km/h
Total Time: 04:09:18


Using more leg, less power.

To St Heliers and back via Devonport and North Head.  40 k and still have 4 bars!  That’s more like it.  Maybe I just need to use my legs more, but there was also a lot less climbing on this route, and the harder tyres definitely help..

Total distance: 41.38 km
Max elevation: 49 m
Min elevation: -12 m
Total climbing: 224 m
Total descent: -223 m
Average speed: 19.79 km/h
Total Time: 02:54:43

Although a couple of days later I went on a 5k ride and now its showing 3 bars, so more than likely the battery will be at 60% after 40-45k, not bad at all. I’ll run it dry this time.

Total distance: 4 km
Max elevation: 25 m
Min elevation: 2 m
Total climbing: 43 m
Total descent: -32 m
Average speed: 16.54 km/h
Total Time: 00:17:41


And today to Devonport and back, nostly on 0 or 1, but hills got 3. Only once or twice very briefly on 4.

To date: 70k and still showing 2 bars.

Total distance: 25.91 km
Max elevation: 44 m
Min elevation: 10 m
Total climbing: 136 m
Total descent: -152 m
Average speed: 16.90 km/h
Total Time: 01:51:22

Another 17k

To date: 87k and still showing 1 bar.

Total distance: 17 km
Max elevation: 41 m
Min elevation: 15 m
Total climbing: 87 m
Total descent: -104 m
Average speed: 17.10 km/h
Total Time: 01:05:16

Battery test?

I thought it would be possible to find a service around town that would be able to analyse my battery, but no. Dammit.

12 June

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