Greenway in fine detail

Prague – Vienna

Prague – Tabor

Total distance: 131.33 km
Max elevation: 606 m
Min elevation: 189 m
Total climbing: 2487 m
Total descent: -2221 m


Tabor to Ceske Budejovice via Cycle Track 12

Total distance: 66.88 km
Max elevation: 530 m
Min elevation: 372 m
Total climbing: 1038 m
Total descent: -1103 m


Ceske Budejovice to Cesky Krumlov via Cycle Track

Total distance: 28.42 km
Max elevation: 628 m
Min elevation: 384 m
Total climbing: 571 m
Total descent: -479 m


Cesky Krumlov to Bad Leonfelden

Total distance: 45.28 km
Max elevation: 840 m
Min elevation: 485 m
Total climbing: 1578 m
Total descent: -1325 m

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