Hawkes Bay

New bikes, Bull E-Stream Evo 3 FS 27.5 – one each for Jill and me – and we set off to test them around the Hawkes Bay trails, finally able to keep up with my cousin Judy and her Mike.
17/11/2016 Day 1

Total distance: 47.68 km
Max elevation: 102 m
Min elevation: 12 m
Total climbing: 1485 m
Total descent: -1481 m
Average speed: 21.23 km/h
Total time: 05:06:52

18/11/2016 Cape Kidnappers

Total distance: 31.52 km
Max elevation: 30 m
Min elevation: -25 m
Total climbing: 1366 m
Total descent: -1360 m
Average speed: 13.97 km/h
Total time: 05:46:48

19/11/2016 Day 3

I didn’t manage to record everything, but our total was 78k which is about OK for an old fella with a bit assistance.

Total distance: 65.31 km
Max elevation: 47 m
Min elevation: 11 m
Total climbing: 1793 m
Total descent: -1797 m
Average speed: 19.54 km/h
Total time: 07:29:21

20/11/2016 Day 4 Up Te Mata

Total distance: 11.91 km
Max elevation: 419 m
Min elevation: 56 m
Total climbing: 598 m
Total descent: -588 m
Average speed: 21.72 km/h
Total time: 01:11:51

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